Help for Families and Friends of Alcoholics

Welcome to “Looking Up”, a support site for people who have or had an alcoholic (or addict of any kind) in their lives.  It is especially here to help families of alcoholics.   There are millions of us…you are not alone. The alcoholic could be your spouse, parent, child, best friend, co-worker or relative. You may be living with them or they may be in another city. But as long as you cared about them for any length of time, it’s likely that their involvement in your life has affected you in some way.

(If you are an alcoholic, please feel welcomed here. Many alcoholics have found the information on this blog to be helpful to their own recovery in that it can assist with a better understanding of the impact of alcoholism on the family).

If you are just getting familiar with terms like “isms”, “loving detachment”, “dry drunk”, “the three C’s of alcoholism”, and “owning your power” then this is the right place for you. The purpose of this site and blog is to help people like you who are frustrated, terrified, angry, at their wit’s end, and tired of the chaos and insanity that has become your life due to having an alcoholic close to you. I try to provide my thoughts and experiences to help guide you through some decisions about how you can live your life in a way that brings you more control and eventually, even peace and happiness.

Whether the alcoholic is still in your life or whether you’re dealing with the aftermath, I know from experience that your life can still be very challenging. You may be surprised to find out how much we have in common – those of us who find ourselves close to an alcoholic. Through this blog you might find out more about why you are in the situation you are in, and what you can do about it. And it doesn’t matter whether you are no longer near your alcoholic, or if they are someone right beside you and whom you love…this blog isn’t about judging or forcing major life decisions. It’s about gentle, rational support that hopefully results in tangible, positive differences in your life.

I started writing this blog in 2009, about the time I published my book (Looking Up) describing my own journey with an alcoholic, and what I learned about myself as I got my life back on track. While the blog isn’t written in any particular order, if you are just arriving here you might want to start chronologically. Or just pop around to see what topics speak to you today.

Enjoy the blog, share your own stories, ask questions. Together, we can help each other get to a place where life is “looking up”.